Monday, August 22, 2011

Yuyuan Garden - Tastes

Yuyuan Garden - Tastes

Yuyuan Garden is a historic core of the southern garden; Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan become refined and popular tastes of the outer edge of the resonance magnetic field, no delicate pale.

Founded in Jiajing 38 years (1559) Yuyuan gardens, the main city attractions are the mountains, Hua Linxiu Valley, points the spring sites, water, rock nirvana, Huanzhong big fast, parks and so on. Urban forest in the town a large rockery garden treasure is the famous Ming Zhang Nanyang stacked mountain home a masterpiece. Huan Yu Zhongda fast exquisite, according to legend was built Huizong "good caught" Flower Gang stone artifacts, with a "wrinkled, thin, leakage, through" feature, the "three famous southern rock" one. Yuyuan Garden is within the parks, mountain pool pavilion floor, readily available, small and exquisite.

Yuyuan compact layout fine. Black tiles and white walls and laid a restrained tone of naive, depending on the play with the lions in particular by a bit charming; curved corridors vista - seems to end, Hu You open one world; a few bamboo poles is a natural pool of clear water and quiet flow couplets Quotes inscription plaque is the mixing of scholarly dispersion. Here pavilions vary, rockery Saga, meandering streams, majestic scenery; do not intend to scale, to avoid the poor head, won the essence of Southern Gardens - daffodils obsession of the Advantages and Disadvantages, like exquisite exquisitely carved ivory, worthy of the "Jiangnan Park crown, "said.

Zigzag bridge and pavilion

Zigzag bridge connected to a refined and popular tastes of each tour Yu Garden. Song Yun Lou osmanthus sweet red bean soup, sweet-scented osmanthus small hall of the southern point, is the essence of folk snacks; Clinton visited Lvbo Lang, the famous shark fin crab feast, a quiet place without losing the distinguished bearing. The most worth mentioning is the zigzag bridge on the pavilion, an octagonal pavilion with the main building into one, pointing to the sky flying angle Transcendence. Entered the pavilion, a pot of green tea tipping point, sitting in a chair antique tea. Ear southern music vaguely have heard, can see the sparkling water spray in carp, visitors can see the coin dropped pray Dream - the most ironic of all the noise are filtered into background. Unconsciously time in a pot of tea in the drained, Floating Life stolen half a day of pleasant people suddenly feel the charm of pavilion: scholars can and enjoy the quiet and the people contented, as if thrown back to enjoy the passing of that apricot rain south.


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