Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bow fish - milk - boiled

Bow fish - milk - boiled

Bow fish boiled milk is Bai a beet. It is the increase in eating salty flavor on the basis of evolved. Lay the fish of this quality and glial milk blend, delicious nourishing, is unique to the Bai beet.
Raw material
Ingredients: milk, 1,000 grams.
Ingredients: bow fish, 500 grams, fried noodles, 200 grams.
Seasoning: sugar, 120 grams, sugar 80 grams, jujube, longan meat, 50 grams.


(L) the bow of fish killed, gutted, washed, cut in 4 cm See box. Jujube to nuclear chopped. Longan meat cut into tablets.
(2) Frying pan get angry, into the milk, bow fish, cook for 15 minutes, under the jujube, longan, rock sugar, white sugar and cook until sugar dissolves, pour into soup? With fried noodles and serve. Water will soak into the milk in the bowl of instant noodle.

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