Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Legend - Ends Of The Earth Hainan

The Legend - Ends Of The Earth Hainan

And 'rainy seasons or shine, you can not go into all the world to Sanya. To the ends of the earth, does not experience the "End of the Road World" that he feels tired, I'm really the number of ordinary shares stones Sanya Beach. Since ancient times, there are two poems to express the situation ". 1-1000 km, the 1000 1000 did not return, the position of the Office Yazhou to know where the gates of hell, students can", "The birds are still unfinished "In a sense, have left many sad stories, and stone. Now here is always centered nostalgic places in 2001 was estimated at the first National Tourism Administration of the AAAA level, the stunning scenery.

Inside, separate from the end of the beautiful scenery on both sides of the door, End of the World Park, shopping in the village, ethnic customs, history, famous for its sculpture park, the three places you can spend some time in the door until the door The beach is an octagonal square, the view of the Sun and the Moon Stone Square is great, you consent photographs.

Along the beach, in turn, is only the south pillar 2000 m, height of about 7 meters, the Ching Dynasty in the Treasury position Yazhou Fans know the words of the scale, lying next to a stone with the "sea-contracting to the south," is the imperial Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi years Minister Cao Tang Miao writing.

Continue to walk 500 meters an hour on the "World's End," the inscription on the stone "End of the World" is a word people Yongzheng of the Qing Office Location passing Yazhou to know the philosophy of state, the elderly in the ground where he could so easily set in stone to bring feelings have become locations across the country dream. "End of the World" I do not know what the word is at the bottom of the Republic at the beginning of the issue of China Official Selection of "brilliant", describe. Turned to the "distance" rock ", the Cape", the word is engraved on the top of Stone Mountain, says a scholar of Qing Dynasty theme.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Travel Junkie And The Benefits Can Be Obtained From Credit Card Travel Reward

Happy to travel? Always on the go? If you are the epitome of jet-setter, then you definitely should go for it - credit card reward travel. This is the new ultimate solution for the ultimate Globetrotter, it must always be in motion. But they are really credit cards and travel rewards and how 'beneficial' are they for the cardholder?

Understanding Credit Card Travel

Travel reward credit cards give air miles rewards cardholders with the paper. Cardholders earn points depending on the euro for its purchases with a credit card. When the score is reached, the cardholder is entitled to an airline or travel-related bonus. There are actually three groups or other types of credit card reward travel, airline miles earning card, the card point of travel and a hybrid card, a combination of the first two. To earn airline miles cards earn 1 mile for every dollar spent on travel points card gains 1 point for every dollar spent. The points can then redeem travel agency credit card. The hybrid card earns 1 point for every dollar spent and can be modified to use travel miles or points.

The jet-set or retention should consider a card airline miles or a hybrid card. With a credit card airline miles or a hybrid card, you can use for free travel in first class even faster. Cards like Visa Aerogold and Royal Bank British Airways Visa Platinum can convert these first trip in economy class. On the other hand, for those who are frequent travelers, the option is ideal for travel points card or hybrid card. While these cards can not be given free trips in a year may, however, offer discounts on their needs. Since we offer points for every dollar spent that can be redeemed as cash rebates equal to the travel agency through the credit card company or a reward center. Most discount cards for $ 50 for every 5000 points redeemed. These reductions can be very useful when the time comes for that long awaited trip or vacation.

Depending on the type of card, the prize can also buy the gas, car rental, hotel accommodation, and also to buy shops and boutiques.

They also provide cash advances when you're on the road. There is also a travel insurance that includes emergency in the world, as medical evacuation, lost luggage and emergency expatriation.

Tickets reward credit card SOS

The important thing with credit card travel reward, you determine how often you travel and your own spending habits. Before choosing which credit card to go, to evaluate the potential uses of these cards travel rewards credit. Look for cards that offer the greatest savings on types of purchases that you probably do. If you are not traveling alone, the reward offer travel credit card company or car rental benefits are good to go, because it benefits not only you but your traveling companion as well. Knowing the timing and value of these travel rewards credit cards offer.

Of course, do not forget to read the conditions, such as airline miles for every dollar spent, or airline miles need to collect before qualifying a free ticket or other prizes. And, finally, is the annual fee, so make sure you know the fees to your account.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mood Pieces - Cappuccino

Clear afternoon sun, which penetrate the glass ceiling grid, Managing diffuse in the coffee shop, and with this ethereal JAZZ music, through the snow-like foam the milk to sneak into this cold, "cappuccino."

Micro puff, so that the bitter cool, and gradually filled in each cell, and has, slowly, deep trance, I like to drink coffee, especially in a person's "Cappuccino", with a faint the hard, some people can be deeply miss some things. Faint pain, faint sweet, and then people forget. Then they can then continue, this dull life.
I am a lonely person, extremely beautiful, uninhibited and wild, the vast majority of people and things are kind of indifferent and unnecessary, many friends, is with drinking, singing, kind of sad. More often, only one person ahead of yourself, I think I fish, living in the dark of the sea fish. The sun, only longing and desire, but do not dare to have. Once on the Internet like a man she had had an extraordinary beautiful but lonely hearts, we all look forward to each other deeply, warm and the warmth of each other's soul, I know that we can enjoy the happiness of the limit , she said, "we like the two hedgehog" is a long, long time and then silence ...... then forget the joy too, too happy, trance too, pain before, then forget it sober, then you can continue with the plain life.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yuyuan Garden - Tastes

Yuyuan Garden - Tastes

Yuyuan Garden is a historic core of the southern garden; Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan become refined and popular tastes of the outer edge of the resonance magnetic field, no delicate pale.

Founded in Jiajing 38 years (1559) Yuyuan gardens, the main city attractions are the mountains, Hua Linxiu Valley, points the spring sites, water, rock nirvana, Huanzhong big fast, parks and so on. Urban forest in the town a large rockery garden treasure is the famous Ming Zhang Nanyang stacked mountain home a masterpiece. Huan Yu Zhongda fast exquisite, according to legend was built Huizong "good caught" Flower Gang stone artifacts, with a "wrinkled, thin, leakage, through" feature, the "three famous southern rock" one. Yuyuan Garden is within the parks, mountain pool pavilion floor, readily available, small and exquisite.

Yuyuan compact layout fine. Black tiles and white walls and laid a restrained tone of naive, depending on the play with the lions in particular by a bit charming; curved corridors vista - seems to end, Hu You open one world; a few bamboo poles is a natural pool of clear water and quiet flow couplets Quotes inscription plaque is the mixing of scholarly dispersion. Here pavilions vary, rockery Saga, meandering streams, majestic scenery; do not intend to scale, to avoid the poor head, won the essence of Southern Gardens - daffodils obsession of the Advantages and Disadvantages, like exquisite exquisitely carved ivory, worthy of the "Jiangnan Park crown, "said.

Zigzag bridge and pavilion

Zigzag bridge connected to a refined and popular tastes of each tour Yu Garden. Song Yun Lou osmanthus sweet red bean soup, sweet-scented osmanthus small hall of the southern point, is the essence of folk snacks; Clinton visited Lvbo Lang, the famous shark fin crab feast, a quiet place without losing the distinguished bearing. The most worth mentioning is the zigzag bridge on the pavilion, an octagonal pavilion with the main building into one, pointing to the sky flying angle Transcendence. Entered the pavilion, a pot of green tea tipping point, sitting in a chair antique tea. Ear southern music vaguely have heard, can see the sparkling water spray in carp, visitors can see the coin dropped pray Dream - the most ironic of all the noise are filtered into background. Unconsciously time in a pot of tea in the drained, Floating Life stolen half a day of pleasant people suddenly feel the charm of pavilion: scholars can and enjoy the quiet and the people contented, as if thrown back to enjoy the passing of that apricot rain south.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lijiang Two Snacks

Lijiang Two Snacks

Recommended snacks - chicken jelly beans

Features Index -

Almost every shop has to sell soy chicken, soy chicken to eat and there are many, such as jelly beans, chicken, chicken fried bean cake, etc.

Lijiang chicken jelly beans in addition to cold food, but also hot to eat. Cool eat mostly in summer season, and red pepper flakes, green leek, pepper, shallots, mustard foam, mix together vinegar and other condiments pickled, color, aroma and taste. Eat a lot of heat in the cold season, pink yellow block in the pan fry on both sides, each flavor by mouth with hemp, spicy, sour variety of condiments, bowl sinks, the body warm.

Recommended snacks - Lijiang Baba

Features Index -

The main raw material is locally refined wheat flour, plus ham, of oil, sugar and other condiments, to mix thoroughly, rub made
​​of layers. Eat a golden crisp, sweet and delicious, not greasy oil.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bow fish - milk - boiled

Bow fish - milk - boiled

Bow fish boiled milk is Bai a beet. It is the increase in eating salty flavor on the basis of evolved. Lay the fish of this quality and glial milk blend, delicious nourishing, is unique to the Bai beet.
Raw material
Ingredients: milk, 1,000 grams.
Ingredients: bow fish, 500 grams, fried noodles, 200 grams.
Seasoning: sugar, 120 grams, sugar 80 grams, jujube, longan meat, 50 grams.


(L) the bow of fish killed, gutted, washed, cut in 4 cm See box. Jujube to nuclear chopped. Longan meat cut into tablets.
(2) Frying pan get angry, into the milk, bow fish, cook for 15 minutes, under the jujube, longan, rock sugar, white sugar and cook until sugar dissolves, pour into soup? With fried noodles and serve. Water will soak into the milk in the bowl of instant noodle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Corn Baba

Corn Baba

Ham produced in Yunnan Xuanwei county, dating back more than 200 fifty years of history. Its correct shape, large bone is small, too fat, moderate, tender meat, fragrant taste, it is known in the world with a unique flavor, the early twentieth century on the domestic and international marketing, and several international prizes. Now also with local ham processed into a variety of foods, are: Canned Ham, Ham luncheon meat, candy, etc. Ham Ham and moon cake.