Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Legend - Ends Of The Earth Hainan

The Legend - Ends Of The Earth Hainan

And 'rainy seasons or shine, you can not go into all the world to Sanya. To the ends of the earth, does not experience the "End of the Road World" that he feels tired, I'm really the number of ordinary shares stones Sanya Beach. Since ancient times, there are two poems to express the situation ". 1-1000 km, the 1000 1000 did not return, the position of the Office Yazhou to know where the gates of hell, students can", "The birds are still unfinished "In a sense, have left many sad stories, and stone. Now here is always centered nostalgic places in 2001 was estimated at the first National Tourism Administration of the AAAA level, the stunning scenery.

Inside, separate from the end of the beautiful scenery on both sides of the door, End of the World Park, shopping in the village, ethnic customs, history, famous for its sculpture park, the three places you can spend some time in the door until the door The beach is an octagonal square, the view of the Sun and the Moon Stone Square is great, you consent photographs.

Along the beach, in turn, is only the south pillar 2000 m, height of about 7 meters, the Ching Dynasty in the Treasury position Yazhou Fans know the words of the scale, lying next to a stone with the "sea-contracting to the south," is the imperial Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi years Minister Cao Tang Miao writing.

Continue to walk 500 meters an hour on the "World's End," the inscription on the stone "End of the World" is a word people Yongzheng of the Qing Office Location passing Yazhou to know the philosophy of state, the elderly in the ground where he could so easily set in stone to bring feelings have become locations across the country dream. "End of the World" I do not know what the word is at the bottom of the Republic at the beginning of the issue of China Official Selection of "brilliant", describe. Turned to the "distance" rock ", the Cape", the word is engraved on the top of Stone Mountain, says a scholar of Qing Dynasty theme.

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