Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mood Pieces - Cappuccino

Clear afternoon sun, which penetrate the glass ceiling grid, Managing diffuse in the coffee shop, and with this ethereal JAZZ music, through the snow-like foam the milk to sneak into this cold, "cappuccino."

Micro puff, so that the bitter cool, and gradually filled in each cell, and has, slowly, deep trance, I like to drink coffee, especially in a person's "Cappuccino", with a faint the hard, some people can be deeply miss some things. Faint pain, faint sweet, and then people forget. Then they can then continue, this dull life.
I am a lonely person, extremely beautiful, uninhibited and wild, the vast majority of people and things are kind of indifferent and unnecessary, many friends, is with drinking, singing, kind of sad. More often, only one person ahead of yourself, I think I fish, living in the dark of the sea fish. The sun, only longing and desire, but do not dare to have. Once on the Internet like a man she had had an extraordinary beautiful but lonely hearts, we all look forward to each other deeply, warm and the warmth of each other's soul, I know that we can enjoy the happiness of the limit , she said, "we like the two hedgehog" is a long, long time and then silence ...... then forget the joy too, too happy, trance too, pain before, then forget it sober, then you can continue with the plain life.

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